Kartavation was founded on the basis of offering a great service at a great price, preparing karts and drivers alike. We also help train would be mechanics whether it be mum, dad or a driver wanting to add new skills.

Johns previous working roles have provided him with a strong foundation in customer service and attention to detail. Having been a mechanic for internetional drivers in several different classes and a championship winning driver himself he knows what it takes to win.

Working at lakeside karting for over 6 years as the workshop supervisor has expanded his already large knowledge of the karting world.
Orginating from Australia,Don worked as the manager at a large 2 stroke hire kart circuit in Brisbane.After moving to the UK, Don got the position of workshop manager at Lakeside karting.Having raced in australia in the rotax max and yamaha classes he then started racing and mechanicing in various pro kart races across the UK including the British 24 hour.With well over 10 years experience, Don has amassed considerable experience in the motor racing industry.

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John: 07957 197584

Don: 07813 265535